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Onward Dungeon Crawlers


Dungeon Siege West is a festival for all fans of Fantasy Music, Dungeon Synth and Tabletop/RPG Gaming.

After the success of the Northeast Dungeon Siege in Worcester Massachusetts, the Siege will now make its debut on the west coast in Seattle!

Spawning from the 90s black metal underground, Dungeon Synth has become the perfect accompaniment to the culture of Role Playing Games, Fantasy Fiction, and Dungeons & Dragons.

Being held November 15-17, the festival will be hosted at Seattle's best vegan bar & grill on Capitol Hill, The Highline and spans 3 days of D&D / tabletop gaming sessions during the pre-show hours of 5pm to 9pm, coordinated and run by some of today's most popular gaming guilds!

And upon each night from 9pm to 1am, a show with the dungeon synth genre's most talented, diverse and sought after live performing artists from across the world including Sombre Arcane, Guild Of Lore and Mors Certa! Featuring everything from epic medieval soundscapes, old school dungeon synth, and 8-bit, to dark ambient, ritual and neo-classical soundtrack sounds.

In addition, many of the genre's most prominent record labels, magazines and taste makers will be present and peddling their wares in our merchant’s row. 

This festival combines everything from a renaissance fair with an amazing D&D session and tops it off with a soundtrack you will never forget.

Join us this November as we lay siege to a new and mighty dungeon!